Welcome to Vennar Organic Fertilizer Pvt.

Few Words About Us

Vennar with state of art superior eco-friendly technology produce Organic Manure by Aerobic composting method of Bio-Conversion... We have branches in Chennai & Bangalore

Solid Waste Recycling

Easy to install and easy to operate.
Inorganic waste sales revenue.
No worries on Irregularity in garbage clearance due to Strikes/Rains etc.Savings on Waste Disposal Expenses

Organic Waste Converter

We will arrange to take up the operation and will interact with the residents for source segregation and the segregated waste will be transferred to OWC room by the housekeeping staff.

OWC Process

The Organic Waste is converted into homogenized odour free output with in 15 minutes through Bio Mechanical Process and is converted into COMPOST.